2021 Leadership Award Nominations
Use this form to nominate an individual or organization for an FSAE 2021 Leadership Award: Executive Member of the Year; Associate Member of the Year; Rising Stars: Executive and Associate; Association of the Year; or Supporting Organization of the Year. Click here for criteria for each award.

Nomination Deadline: May 7.
  • Nominate Your Peers for a 2021 Leadership Award

    You can nominate one for each category or just one category. A letter of recommendation is appreciated but not required. No self-nominations please.

    Nominees for any award must be an FSAE member in good standing and employed full time. Nominees cannot win more than once in each category. The nominee shall also have actively volunteered in other charitable, civic or community initiatives. The Awards Committee selects the winner using an objective points-based system based on nominee’s activity in the past three years.

    Click here to see past recipients for each award.

  • Please include at least one FSAE Executive member that works for the association nominated for the award.
  • Please include at least one FSAE Associate member that works for the organization nominated for the award.