Scatter-Brain Social Media Profile Questionnaire
Please complete the following as thoroughly as possible. Use a conversational first-person style whenever possible. "I'm Jane Smith and I have been working in my industry since college." If you prefer to just list bullet points, we will edit from there.
  • Please upload your professional headshot.
  • Please upload a casual photo that shows your personality. (Think hobbies, family, pets.)
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  • Social Media Channels

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Functional title | Formal title | Company name
  • Add a link to a video, image, document, presentation . . .
  • Write a conversational, first-person narrative about your current position, unique expertise, contributions to your company and your industry. (2000 characters max)
  • Give broad categories and specific skills like "Social Media Marketing" and "Editing." This is one area that you will want to re-visit to tag some of the suggestions on LinkedIn.
  • If you have a resumé, copy and paste it here, or upload the file below.
  • Anything you add here, including contact info, could be visible to people who view your profile.
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