2019 FSC Summer Football - Team Nomination (V2)
Please note: Teams with 3 or more representative players (eg. Wolves, Stingrays, Association Youth League, Girls Conference League and/or SAP or GSAP players) in any combination, will be placed in the Advanced Team Grouping
  • Our preference of venue is
  • Team Manager/Team Organiser's Name
    Team Manager/Team Organiser's Working With Children Check Number
    Team Manager/Team Organiser DOB
  • FFA Number First Name Surname D.O.B email Current 2019 Winter Football Club Current 2019 Winter Football Age Group & Division
    Player 1
    Player 2
    Player 3
    Player 4
    Player 5
    Player 6
    Player 7
    Player 8
    Player 9
    Player 10
  • Are you willing to take any additional individual players who have registered but do not have a team to play with?
  • I am nominating my team for the following level
  • Colour Preference 1
    Colour Preference 2
    Colour Preference 3