APS Order Form
  • Please select the Minimum AGE for Substitute Service and only select Personal Service if Personal Service is REQUIRED by the Law!!
  • Type NA for No Court Date
  • If your PDF file is too large to upload here, please submit your order form and then email the service documents to us in (1) combined PDF file (per person/each set) to services@arkansasprocessservice.biz

    NOTE: Please do not email multiple attachments for the same person and be sure to upload a separate PDF (entire service set) for each person being served.
  • We will add .10 cents per page for the number of pages in the service set (printed) to this order.
  • These rates are for standard routine service, if you have a deadline date or court date within 30 days, please call us for a RUSH quote.

    RURAL Counties: These are either very RURAL spread-out wide counties, or these are counties where our process servers have to travel to the counties from a good distance for the service.
  • If you were quoted for Routine Service, type ROUTINE here. Do not type a Deadline Date unless it is the FINAL and LAST date services can be obtained.
  • If you do not require sooner services and do not have a deadline within less than 30 days select ROUTINE service.
  • Upload a Check in PDF made payable to Arkansas Process Service (be sure to include service fee and .10 cents per page) of the service documents or you can pay by credit card below.
  • We charge 3.5 percent for credit card payments, (plus .10 cents per page print fee) of the service documents or you can pay by Check in the field above.
    Protected in vault Data collected via fields that have our security seal are encrypted and stored with the highest global security standard — PCI compliance. Your data is absolutely safe in Vault.
  • Type NA if you paid by check.
  • Type NA if you paid by check.