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Multiple Qualifying Applications
We may receive multiple applications for one pet. Paws for Seniors takes every application seriously and must make a decision on multiple qualifying applicants. Our decision does not reflect negatively on a qualified applicant that is not selected. We will do our best to place another pet to your liking or keep your application on file as a Pre-qualified Application.

We require that all adoption applications be completed fully.

We do not allow adoption to
- persons that would use our animals for research at research labs
- homes with unspayed or unneutered pets in the home unless there is a medical reason
- persons who plans to have their pet live its life entirely outside or on a chain
- Persons residing outside of the United States of America with the exception of Canada if transport arrangements can be made.

We will be contacting you by phone to discuss your application. We understand that spam calls are a nuisance, please keep in mind you will likely receive a call from a strange phone number. IF you do not answer we will leave a message and will send a text message as well. Should we not receive a response within a few days. We will consider your application withdrawn.

We reserve the right to decline your application.
  • Please enter pet or pets name(s) or Prequalify
  • ex: D160014 or C150023

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    Primary Phone
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  • Personal Reference Name:
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    Please provide a NON RELATIVE personal reference such as neighbor, friend, co worker. It is helpful that this person knows your experience with pets.
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