2023 Book Awards Entry Form
  • Provide a pen name if the name on the book jacket is different than the author's name above.
  • If so, please list their names here, separated by commas.
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  • If you are an agent or publisher submitting on behalf of an author, please enter your email address here so that we may send all correspondence directly to you instead of the author. If you are an author submitting your own book, please re-type your email address here, and we will send all correspondence directly to you.
  • If self-published, please write "Self".
  • Your book must be published during 2023 to be eligible.
  • Please check only one category per book. If you would like to submit another book (whether in this category or another category), please submit separate entry forms with separate payments.
  • NOTE: Not sure where to find your member number? Log into www.writersleague.org and click on “my account". IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON, LEAVE THIS BLANK AND WE WILL REACH OUT IF WE'RE UNABLE TO VERIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
  • If your book is available ONLY as an e-book you are still welcome to enter the contest, but you must provide a PDF of the published manuscript. We cannot accept e-book files. To submit a PDF of your published e-book, first complete this entry form and submit your contest entry fee. Then email the PDF file to sara@writersleague.org with the subject line "E-book submission for the Writers' League of Texas Book Awards Contest." In the body of the email, please include the category, the title of your manuscript, the name of the author, the email address of the author. Please note: submitting a PDF is only an option for e-book authors whose books are not available in hard copy. If your book is available in hard copy, you are not eligible to submit a PDF.

    If someone besides the author is completing this form, please fill out the following fields:
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  • Check this box if your company intends to pay the entry fee with a paper check in lieu of online payment. Checks should be made payable to "Writers' League of Texas" and mailed to: Writers' League of Texas Book Awards Contest, 611 S. Congress Ave, Suite 200A-3, Austin, TX 78704. Checks must be post-marked by March 22, 2024. Please include the words "BOOK AWARDS" on the check or in the notes field. (Note: When you are ready to submit this form, please click on the button that says "Click here to submit your form and continue to payment." You will then be directed to the online payment page. Since you will be paying by company-issued check, you may close your browser at this point. Check your email for an automated confirmation notice to ensure that your form was properly submitted.)

    Eligibility for the awards requires that the entrant be born in Texas or have lived in Texas for at least three (3) consecutive years at some time.
  • If you do NOT currently live in Texas, please provide the name and phone number of an institution you attended in Texas, e.g. a high school or college. (Alternatively, you may list an employer for whom you worked while living in Texas.) This is so that we may verify your past Texas residency in the event that you are chosen as a finalist or winner. (If you listed a current Texas mailing address above, you may leave this box blank.)

    Note to agents and publishers submitting on behalf of authors: If you do not know this information at the time of submitting, you may leave this field blank. However, please contact your author to obtain this information and then send it in an email to sara@writersleague.org with the subject line "Proof of past Texas residency." This information is required from all entrants who do not currently live in Texas, and failure to submit it before the contest deadline will result in disqualification.
  • In consideration of the acceptance of my work for entry and review in the Writers’ League of Texas 2023 Book Awards Contest, I hereby submit my fee for entry, and agree to be bound by the contest rules and understand them. I understand that any question regarding the interpretation of the contest rules and any matters relating to the contest that are not specifically covered by the contest rules will be decided upon solely at the discretion of the contest officials. I understand and agree that my book will be subjectively evaluated. I hold harmless and indemnify the Writers’ League of Texas and its agents, employees, and volunteers for any and all losses, costs, and expenses incurred from any dispute arising from my participation in the Writers’ League of Texas 2023 Book Awards Contest. I acknowledge by checking this box that I have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the contest rules of the Writers’ League of Texas 2023 Book Awards Contest. I understand that my contest submission will not be accepted without checking this box, and that under no condition will my entry fee be refunded.