Duty of Care Training Assessment v.2.0
The following questions and scenarios are designed to test and assess your understanding of the Duty of Care Training that you have undertaken for Camp Clayton.

Some of the things that we wish to assess for this training are:

- Understanding that duty of care is not only a personal responsibility but also a legal one.
- Ability to communicate practical ideas and methods for exercising duty of care.
- Understand your role as a volunteer to fulfill Camp Clayton's duty of care policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about this assessment, or have not completed the initial training then please contact Camp Clayton on 64251893 or youthwork@campclayton.org.au
1Introduction Page2What is Duty of Care?3Fulfilling Duty of Care4Sign In Scenarios5Specific Camp Procedures
Introduction Page
What is Duty of Care?
Fulfilling Duty of Care
Sign In Scenarios
Specific Camp Procedures
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