Healing Paws Animal Rescue is always pleased to hear from potential new fosterers who are able to care for and assess our rescue dogs on a temporary basis.

Foster carers form an integral part of our team and play a huge part in helping us to rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need whilst they are 'between homes'.

By becoming a fosterer for Healing Paws Animal Rescue, you will be providing a temporary, loving home for a vulnerable dog that is experiencing a period of transition in its life.

There are many reasons why, as a rescue, we need the valuable help of fosterers. Sadly, some of our adopted dogs find themselves needing to be rehomed as their 'forever home' simply hasn't worked out. Others may require socialisation, basic training or help with behaviour. It may be that there has been a change in family circumstances, or that the dog needs access to a completely different environment. Occasionally, some of our dogs arrive from Zakynthos having not been adopted and need a place to stay prior to them being rehomed on a permanent basis.

Please think carefully about fostering for us. We are looking for fosterers who:

* Have experience in handling and caring for dogs
* Have a private, fully secure garden
* Are patient, caring and use positive reinforcement training techniques
* Are comfortable administering medication under the direction of a vet
* Are willing to take on a challenge and work with dogs that may require specific training needs
* Will provide a safe environment, care, food, bedding, toys, appropriate exercise and any necessary vet appointments
* Will assess the dog's temperament and personality on an ongoing basis
* Agree to undergo a home check as part of the fostering process
* Agree to, and sign, a Foster Agreement
* Agree to keep in regular contact with our team, providing updates on behaviour and progress
* Will contact the team immediately if there are any problems
* Are committed to seeing the foster dog's journey through to adoption

Healing Paws Animal Rescue will:

* Provide continual advice and support
* Cover all veterinary costs incurred
* Find a forever home for the foster dog when it is considered ready

Becoming a dog fosterer is a unique volunteer role and can be a valuable, rewarding experience. As a foster carer you will experience all the benefits of dog ownership but without the long-term commitment, content in the knowledge that you have helped a dog through a difficult time and enabled it to flourish, ready to take the next step in its life journey.
It is hard work, but is so incredibly worth it!

We look forward to welcoming your application as a fosterer for Healing Paws Animal Rescue!
  • Ages of adults/children and further details
    E.g. Dad =35, Mum = 32, Son = 8, Daughter = 5
  • Please give details of any existing dogs. Are they neutered?
    Please give details of any other existing animals
    Do you insure your current pets and are you registered to a vets practice?
  • Experience of dogs or rescue dog
  • Reason for returning a previous dog to the rescue
  • Applicant
    2nd adult
    Other adults
    E.g. Mum = part-time Tue-Thu 9am-3pm, Dad = full-time
  • Duration & details of alone time
  • YES NO
  • Daily exercise routine
    E.g. 60 mins morning off-lead in woods, 30 mins evening on-lead pavement walk
  • Approximate size of garden & HEIGHT of fence panels
    Characteristics of garden, E.g, Paved, grassed, ponds, steep inclines? Shared garden?
  • Please tell us the type of house you live in and its location
  • Yes No
    Is your property rented? If so, you will need the landlord's written consent to keep a dog. Please email a copy of this document to: healingpawsanimalrescue@outlook.com
  • Details of previous home visit
  • Details of the areas the dog will be allowed
  • Yes No
    Have you ever had any animal removed from your care for any reason, or had concerns raised by a dog warden or RSPCA officer, regarding welfare or behaviour? If so, please provide full details below.
  • Yes No
    Have you ever been convicted for any offence under the Dangerous Dog Act? If so, please provide full details below.