UAA Conference - Roommate Locator Directory
  • If you have registered for the UAA conference AND would like to be added to the UAA Conference Roommate Locator Directory, please complete this form. Note: Registration will be verified.

    1. UAA is providing this service as a courtesy to its conference attendees. UAA bears no legal or financial responsibility for the outcome of your lodging arrangement(s) and/or the outcome of your interaction with any other person with whom you choose to share lodging. Any agreement you may enter into is a private matter solely between or amongst the involved lodgers.

    2. The information that you provide below will be shared with other individuals who are in the Roommate Locator Directory.

    3. Once you have arranged to room with another attendee OR if you no longer wish to be included on the list of attendees seeking roommates, please contact immediately to have your name removed from the directory.

    4. The Roommate Locator Directory will be sent to all individuals on the list each Friday until March 12, 2020, unless a request for removal is made before.

    5. DO NOT SHARE any information of the directory with another party. NOTE: If you know another conference attendee who would like to view the content of the directory, please instruct him/her to complete the directory/roommate listing form to obtain a copy.

    6. Caution: DO NOT ACCEPT an invitation to share lodging with any person claiming to be a UAA attendee if that person's name is not on the Roommate Locator Directory. If you choose to accept an invitation from a person not listed in the Directory, you are entering a private agreement and assuming all personal risks.

    7. All persons listed in the Roommate Locator Directory must accept these Terms of Use. Please select "yes" to the item below: "I accept the Terms of Use for the Roommate Locator service". Then complete all items and submit the form.
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  • If you selected, "Other (Non- conference hotel)" please describe your alternative lodging option(s).