Merit Selection Retraining - Online via Zoom

This training is for AEU Members that have previously completed AEU Merit Selection Training or Retraining and are currently certified to participate on merit selection panels as an AEU Representative.

If you have not previously attended AEU Merit Selection Training and you are not currently certified as an AEU Representative, but you have recently completed the Department for Education's online Merit Training, then you need to attend AEU Merit Selection Supplementary training.

Please note: additional training sessions will be added each term and if you are due to retrain in 2022 you will receive a reminder email containing these dates.

Please complete all fields and click on submit form. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been registered.

**You must be an AEU Member to attend this training**
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  • Online Merit Selection Retraining and Supplementary Training

    Have you previously completed AEU Merit Selection Training and hold certification as an AEU Representative on Merit Selection Panels?
  • If no, please register for the AEU Merit Selection Supplementary training instead.

    If you don't know whether you are currently certified as an AEU Representative, please continue filling out this form and AEU staff member will contact you to confirm.
  • Merit Selection Retraining Dates

    Please note: additional sessions will be scheduled each term. If you are due to retrain this year, you will receive an email with new dates each term.
  • Further sessions will be added throughout the year