Fairview Estates Architectural Control Board
Request Form for ACB Review and Approval for Development of Property in Fairview Estates - A Deed Restricted Community
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  • Model Name
    Custom Design

  • Living Area
    Lanai, Porch, Entry Areas
    Pool Area
    Total Sq. Footage
  • Walls
    Doors: Front Entry
    Doors: Side Entry
    Other (describe)
    Please be prepared to provide color sample if requested.

    SITE PLAN: Show location of residence, orientation of street or streets, driveway, sidewalks, easements, utilities, swimming pool, storage/workshop building, electro-mechanical equipment and method of concealment, setback from property lines and any other pertinent information.

    CONSTRUCTION PLANS: Provide one set of plans showing floor layout , front, rear, and the 2 side elevations and sections of the structure and materials.

    SETBACK FROM PROPERTY LINES: Front - 35 feet, Rear - 45 feet, Each Side - 25 feet. Side at corner lot - 40 feet. These setback dimensions are minimums. Right of way footage along hte street is 15 feet and utility easement footage is 10 feet along the side and rear lot lines where applicable.

    THE GARAGE DOOR or garage doors used for automobiles must not face the street of residency to the extent that the door wall does not exceed an angle of 30 degrees from a normal plane to the street. The door must not exceed a height of 9 feet. Corner lots will receive special consideration according to the needs.

    A STORAGE / WORKSHOP BUILDING 14 feet in length x 14 feet in width x 8 feet in height is allowed; must be built on a concrete slab and constructed to match the appearance (architecture) of the residence. A door larger than 36 inches x 80 inches cannot face the street of residency. This building may be located between the rear elevation of the residence and the rear and side lot lines within the above setback criteria. A storage / workshop area larger than the 14 foot square x 8 foot height size is allowed so long as it is attached to or is an integral component of the residence. No door greater than 9 feet in height is allowed. Architecture and overall appearance is a primary concern.

    1 - Submit the request for approval form at least 45 days prior to construction.
    2 - Only clearing of the home site is allowed prior to receiving approval for construction.
    3 - Containment of any exposed soil from erosion onto adjacent private property or public areas.
    4 - No construction is allowed until the ACB has exhausted its 30 days for the approval process and 15 days to notify of approval.
    5 - Maintain the building site in a clean safe condition by providing an enclosure or receptacle for trash, scrap and debris.

    A request for a variance from any covenant concerning residential construction, landscape or maintenance items concerning the home or landscaping must be submitted in writing on page 1 of this form and submitted for approval by the ACB prior to any work. Contact the ACB for specific questions concerns and interpretations.

    A booklet containing the covenants and restrictions for Fairview Estates is available to all owners and those who have a need. The current contact for the booklet is Judy Whitney at (352) 860-1007. Owners are encouraged to use an approved mailbox at no cost. The current contact is Ken Dolan at (727) 232-0868. The current ACB chairman is Judy Whitney. Additional copies of this request form are available by contacting Judy Whitney, or Villages Services Cooperative at 9352) 746-6770. A printable copy is also available on the Association website at www.fairviewestates.net.