Garden Owner's Form for Julie Witmer Garden Design
This is an important first step in the journey to your new garden design!

It will help you, the owner, to think about:
~what is already in your garden
~what problems you would like to solve
~what you want your garden to be like

Please take time to consider each item. This is a wonderful tool that will help me to design a garden that you will love for years to come!

When you click "submit" at the bottom, it will be sent right to my email inbox. Then, I will contact you by phone or email to set up our first appointment. Looking forward to it!
  • - -
  • Some garden features, like ponds or steps, must be carefully thought out if your home includes young children or elderly.
  • Connecting Your Garden to Your Home

  • (Wood, stone, tile, metal, etc)
  • (country, shabby chic, formal/traditional, modern sleek, Victorian, natural, bold colors, etc)
  • (formal, cottage, country, semi-formal, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)
  • Where (if present) are these in your garden?

  • Adding to Your Garden

  • (How many spaces?)
  • (How many people?)
  • Choosing Your Plants

  • (Eg: purple & chartreuse, mixed blue shades, all white, mixed pastels or warm schemes in red & yellow.)
  • Other Considerations to Design

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