MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial

Brilliant converter for serial rs232 data logger tools

The MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet is a portable network tool, capable of transforming serial information to Ethernet packets. It taps into a serial or RS-232 link, records the transmitted information frameworks, and sends them as UDP datagrams in an individual configurable format.

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial operate in the opposite direction, producing serial data from inbound UDP data over Ethernet. The resource of the UDP information can be a MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet, or data generated from a network gadget or computer system.More


- Two USB sockets as well as mini-DIN 6p connector
- Powered over USB or POE (choice).
- Compact and mobile layout.
- Extremely configurable with straightforward PC-side application.
- Optional POE (Power-over-Ethernet) adapter.
- Optional built-in live clock with battery.
- Optional logging module with ingrained SD card.

MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet:.

- Captures serial transmission as much as 115200bps.
- Taps onto existing serial interaction without disrupting it.
- Sends data over Ethernet as UDP datagrams, or locally over USB.
- Can be paired with MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial:.

- Creates serial or RS232 data as much as 115200bps.
- Receives information from UDP datagrams over Ethernet, or locally over USB.
- Can be coupled with MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet.

How it functions.

MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet.

The MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet is an effective, yet straightforward to use information converter and also logger. Link a serial information source to the mini-DIN adapter, utilizing an adapter cord. Link 5V DC power utilizing the vertical USB-An outlet (can be from any computer system, utilizing a common USB cable). Link Ethernet to the RJ45 socket on the other end. After a basic setup procedure, the Morphstick will record all serial website traffic without hindering it, as well as move it over Ethernet to a selected location.

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial.

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial is an effective, yet easy to utilize data converter and also logger. Link 5V DC power utilizing the upright USB-A socket (can be from any computer system, making use of a basic USB cord). Link Ethernet to the RJ45 socket on the various other end. After a simple configuration procedure, the Morphstick will certainly produce asynchronous serial data from data received over Ethernet.

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Highly configurable.

All MorphStick devices showcase a button, which changes them right into arrangement setting over USB. A cost-free lightweight application is offered, which guides via the configuration process. Throughout arrangement the basic network communication has to be set up, such as the where to send the obtained information. It takes just a couple of mins to obtain the basic information transfer operating, however the adaptability of the gadget likewise enables setting up sophisticated communication schemes.


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