The NC AHEC Scholars Program recruits, trains, and supports a diverse group of students from across the state, creating a multidisciplinary team of health professionals committed to both community service and the transformation of healthcare in North Carolina. We seek individuals who are committed to improving health and healthcare, devoted to community service, and interested in improving their own skills and in working with other professionals in team-based care.

With an emphasis on individuals from underrepresented minority populations and/or from disadvantaged/rural backgrounds, as well as first-generation college students, the NC AHEC Scholars Program aims to improve the diversity and distribution of all health professions and to support the transformation of health systems across the state. Each class of NC AHEC Scholars represents a variety of health professions and institutions from every region of North Carolina.

Selected applicants participate in a two-year educational program and may receive a $2,000 travel expense subsidy ($1,000 per year, subject to academic or institutional approval). Each AHEC Scholar will receive an NC AHEC Scholars Certificate, setting them apart from other students in an increasingly competitive environment. Selected Scholars will meet students and faculty from other schools and across the region and state. They will also have the chance to meet leaders in healthcare and make connections with other participants, creating an invaluable network for their future careers.

The program must target students enrolled in either a health professions degree program or an allied health workforce degree program.
NC AHEC Scholars must:
• be enrolled in a college-level health professions education training program in N.C. by September 5, 2023
• have reliable access to WiFi
• have reliable transportation
• and be eligible to work inside the United States

Each NC AHEC Scholar must:
• be committed to the program for a total of two years even though you may be enrolled in a 1-year program at a community college.
• complete 40 hours of didactic training each year of the program
• and complete 40 hours of experiential training each year of the program

    Thank you for your interest! Please submit the following information.
  • Part 1: Application Information

  • Please include your middle initial.
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  • Contact Information

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  • This will be the primary address for contacting you during the application process. Please use a personal email address and NOT a school email address. We want to keep in touch with you after the program, and you may lose access to your school email.
  • Do you speak any languages other than English?
  • Part 2: Academic Information

  • Name of High School
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  • College/University/Community College you are currently attending
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    Anticipated Graduation Date
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  • Please specify specialty from above for Allied Health, Nursing or Other
  • Honors/Scholarships

  • Part 3: Family/Background

  • Part 4: Interest Information

  • (For example: summer camps, conferences, academic enrichment programs)
  • Part 5: Essay

    Respond to one of the essay questions below in 300 to 500 words. Please be sure to answer all parts of the question.

    ESSAY 1
    Describe your background and career goals. Explain any unusual aspects of your preparation and/or record. How do you feel the AHEC Scholars Program will be of benefit to you in accomplishing your academic and career goals?

    ESSAY 2
    Tell us about your proudest achievement, a time where you built something meaningful or important or made a significant contribution in the health field or in community service.

    ESSAY 3
    Why are you pursuing a health profession and what do you think is the most important aspect of a health care professionals’ career?
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