This form is for individuals or couples who would like to serve anywhere from a week to 9 months. For a longer term commitment, please consider joining our staff team.

  • May be taken from social media profiles, but must show applicant's face.
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  • Give the months that you are interested in coming down. If you have a specific date window that works for you, please note that above.
  • Specify the amount of days, weeks OR months you are interested in serving for
  • Spiritual Life & References

    We require 3 character reference forms filled out for everyone who comes to work on our campus. The Character Reference Forms are separate from this application, and must be submitted to us before your application can be processed.

    We would like to have a pastoral/mentor/leader reference and the other two can be an employer, a friend, a teacher, etc. Please do not use family members as your references!
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    Please ensure this contact information is accurate and up to date!
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    I hereby absolve Youth With A Mission of responsibility for accidents, which might happen during the time I am working there. I will not hold YWAM responsible for personal possessions lost, damaged, or stolen on YWAM premises.

    I have completed all portions of this application, and if accepted by Youth With A Mission as a mission builder, I will abide by the spirit, rules and schedule of the program.