REEL CANADA Screening Request
  • Need help selecting films from the catalogues? Please contact REEL CANADA at or 1.855.733.5709 before submitting your requests through this form.
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  • The DVDs will be sent directly to your branch from REEL CANADA.
  • If your library has its own up-to-date CRITERION Performance Licence Number, you may not have to pay any screening fees, depending on the title.
  • Please include any important information relevant to your discussion with REEL CANADA.
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  • If you are planning to have screenings over multiple days, please indicate additional dates and times in the above field.
  • If screening Indigenous titles, please be certain to fill in the paper survey included when you received the DVDs and return the info to REEL CANADA.
  • Programming materials are free, and may be printed out for use.

    Suitable for high-school students and adults.