Pre-Order Scentsy Products Form
Please fill out the form to pre-order the desired Scentsy product(s). You will receive a Paypal invoice 5-7 days before the official launch day (first of the month). OR if you'd opted to pay over the phone I will call you 5-7 days before the 1st of the month. Please pay before the first of the month so that I can place your order as soon as the product is available.
  • If you preferred payment method is Paypal please use your Paypal email otherwise use your regular email. Thank You.
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    If your preferred payment method is Credit/Debit card over the phone please provide your phone number.
  • If someone referred you please let me know so that I can send them a thank you note. Thank you!
  • US Customers ONLY
  • Please indicate the name of product desired and quantity.
  • You can cancel at anytime.
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