Attention Food Vendors
The London Strawberry Festival Board strives to make the festival an enjoyable, successful experience for everyone. In an effort to do this, we strictly limit the food we have in our event to ensure a wide variety. We REQUIRE that all vendors include at least one Strawberry food item and this item must be clearly and significantly advertised on your signage. You will be given a strawberry sign that must be posted for the duration of the festival. We will collect this sign before closing on Saturday night. The Strawberry Festival Royalty have the exclusive right to Strawberry Shortcake, meaning no other vendor will be permitted to sell it.
To be considered for the London Strawberry Festival and receive a contract, complete the following information and send it to us via our e-mail. This will give you the quickest response. Phone calls are only answered once a week. You will not receive a contract without the following information.
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