Rites XXXIX: The Black Party - Pigtopia
This year our build is one pigsty of a scenario! It will certainly be a challenge that only a Tribe such as ours can meet. We realize many of our great Build Crew members may have trouble integrating our schedule with their own and have established scheduling options that we hope will work for you.

We have a a few options for our Build Crew this year. You may work one or two Build Crew shifts. Working only one shift requires you to also contribute $75 towards the value of the ticket you receive at the end of your shift. If you work two shifts you are not required to contribute anything additional. Our options are detailed below:

1) Work One 5hr Shift + Pay $75

-You must pay the the $75 balance of your ticket at the completion of your shift in order to receive your ticket. Cash only! There is no Will-Call to pick up your ticket later. Come Prepared!

2) Work Two 5hr Shifts + Pay Nothing!

-Shifts may be completed all at once, or over two different days. If you're working both shifts in one day, you'll be allowed an hour break mid-way. Breaks are not offered for split-shift Build Crew.

3) On-call for 10 hours + Pay Nothing!
Random acts of Service between today and Thursday, April 19. We have a lot of work to do before load-in. Things come up and extra hands may be needed. It might be help in the office, running around to source materials, or other super fun projects. If you enjoy a liberal schedule and like last minute challenges this may be perfect for you! Being On-call does not mean you are required to jump when we call...just try your best to give us a timely response. Turning down work doesn't change your status on the On-call list.

-Please enter your personal information and answer all questions.
-Incomplete forms will not be considered.
-Do not submit more than one form per person.
-Do not submit more than one person per form.
-You will be contacted to confirm your request.
-Your shifts will be considered confirmed once we have received your response to our shift offering.
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