YALS Fall 2020 Issue Call for Articles
Theme: Trauma Informed Teen Services

Theme Description: According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), by the age of 16, three out of four kids have experienced or been exposed to a traumatic event. Trauma, a distressing or disturbing experience that can be a result of experiencing natural disasters, mental/emotional/physical/abuse, sexual violence, bullying, homelessness among many other events, is especially important to consider as teens cope with past and current traumas in the face of COVID-19. This issue will inform readers of trauma-informed services, practices, and approaches from various disciplines and experiences that include COVID-19 and beyond.

Examples of trauma include the aforementioned natural disasters, all types of abuse and violence, bullying, homelessness, as well as missing out on life milestones such as middle or high school graduation, prom, etc.

Some examples of article topics include:

• Creating a trauma informed workplace through professional development
• How restorative justice supports trauma informed practice
• Library programs or resources that support teens experiencing trauma
• Insight and helpful resources from social workers or experts/organizations in the trauma informed field

Please note that this is a volunteer writing opportunity with no monetary compensation. YALSA has the right to first refusal.

If you have an article idea for this themed issue, please submit article proposals by June 30.

If you know someone who has experience on this topic and would be interested in writing for YALS or have questions, please contact YALS' editor, Yolanda Hood at yhood@uwyo.edu.
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