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    Complete and accurate information is required to process this transaction. If we are not able to process a payment because of incorrect information, loss of your vacation pricing and/or cancellation of an existing reservation may result.

    Please double check your information for both of us. We want you to enjoy your vacation!
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    I authorize e4 Travel & Events to use the credit card information herein to pay for services, goods, accommodations, and other expenses I have been quoted and I accepted. I authorize e4 Travel & Events to make payment(s) directly to quoted travel suppliers on my behalf.

    Authorized Users
    By providing card information herein, you affirm that either you are the cardholder or that you are an authorized user for said card.
    I have reviewed the details of the travel invoice/quote as provided to me by e4 Travel & Events, and affirm their accuracy.

    These details include, but are not limited to:
    *The spelling of first and last names for all travelers
    *Travel dates
    *Flight dates, times, layovers, and seat assignments (if applicable)
    *Luggage allowances, requirements, restrictions and costs
    *Hotel/resort/cruise and stated room category
    *Ground transportation/transfers
    *Rental car class and authorized driver(s)
    *Excursions/Admission Tickets
    *Required local taxes and resort/tourism fees
    *No-show and cancellation policies
    *Vendor travel protection plan (if opting out of 3rd party insurance)

    Daily Charge Limits
    I understand debit/credit cards may impose "daily charge limits," thus multiple payments may be required to pay the full balance due. If necessary, I will contact my financial institution to ensure payment(s) can be processed and completed in a timely manner. I will notify e4 Travel & Events when payment(s) can be processed.

    Vendor Policies
    I am aware of any and all cancellation, change, refund and surcharge fees and policies of supplier(s). I agree not to dispute or chargeback any of the charges without proper cause of action.

    e4 Travel & Events will never release personal or financial information to parties not listed on your finalized travel quote. e4 Travel & Events will perform due diligence to maintain records in a secure, safe manner.
  • * Terms and Conditions were included with your travel service/vacation quote.

  • * If you do not understand these restrictions, contact your airline or go to

  • You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this agreement. By selecting "I Accept" you consent to be legally bound by this agreement's terms and conditions.
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