Easy Drag & Drop Interface

Create forms and surveys within minutes.
No programming knowledge required.

Our intuitive drag and drop interface is very easy to use. Build complex multipage surveys or simple contact and subscription forms; all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Various Field Types

Ready-made fields for you to drag & drop into your forms and surveys.

Adjust fields according to different parameters. Create almost any form imaginable without previous experience. Our fields already have all you need. Just use logic. Add rating, likert or checkbox fields into your forms and surveys to make them more dynamic.

Custom Confirmation & Redirect

Notify your users that they have successfully submitted their form or survey with a custom message.

Create a custom confirmation message or redirect users to another page on your website for increased user engagement, conversion and upsale.

Save & Resume Filling Out Forms

Allow users to finish completing long and complex forms or surveys later.

When you create very long multi page forms or surveys, you can enable save button on the form. This will improve user experience and allow for more accurate data collection.

Field Branch Logic

Condition the behavior of your forms according to the input from your users. Show only relevant data.

Group fields and trigger them automatically depending on your users' input. You can even enable and disable entire pages that users don't need to fill out to save their time and get better results.


Send stylized confirmation emails to your customers.

Set up beautiful autoresponder emails to anyone who fills out your form. Send photos, promotions, coupons, or even special download links for protected content.

Allow Multiple File Upload

Allow users to upload multiple files along with their forms.
Limit file types allowed.
Store the files securely in on our cloud server.

These file submissions can be sent to you by email as attachments or secure download links when the files are very large.