Limit Entry Submission

Choose the amount of form entries you wish to receive and close the forms to new entries.

Choose between many available options that offer fine-grained control over how and when your data is collected, subscription received, or product sold.

View and Organize Your Data

Optimize your data view list.
Select important fields.

Preview all your entries in Data Manager. Use search criteria like form fields, specific keywords, or numbers to browse through your entries faster. Delete bulk entries if necessary.

Detailed Account

Preview individual entries in detail.
Share comments with your team or create reminders for yourself.

Analyze and discuss the data collaboratively with your team.

Export Options

Download your data into any popular database or spreadsheet application for further analysis.

Select the fields you wish to export in XLS, Tabs Delimited or CSV formats.

Email & Printer Friendly

Send individual form entries optimized to look great in a friendly email format.

If you prefer to have paper copies of entries, you can easily adjust your print versions.