256-bit SSL Security

No need for expensive SSL certificates or advanced knowledge of server security.

You can have your own 100% secure forms quickly and easily. In fact, all it takes is one click, and your form and all the data collected is safe and certified secure.

Verified Secure Forms

Verify your forms as secure by GeoTrust.
Safely collect data and process orders.

Our high level security certificate keeps all your and your customers’ data safe and secure from online threats.

Anti-SPAM Measures

Protect your forms from spam bots with advanced CAPTCHA widgets.

Use simple customizable widget, or smart reCAPTCHA that only shows when there's a likelihood of a spam bot. Human users will most likely never be asked to solve it.

Password Protect

Create password-protected forms, surveys and reports.

Do you want to keep your forms and reports private to you and your team? Easily restrict access by setting up a password.

Secure Cloud Storage

Keep all your files in our cloud storage under secure HTTPS encryption.

If you're worried about the safety and privacy of files submitted with your forms, or you need secure URLs to work with, we have multiple secure storage options for you.