Biology 2010 - Lab #4 - 2017 Assignment
Grocery Store Botany

We started the conversation in our Botany Cafe, now we'd like for you to continue it.

Choose a single ingredient plant food (i.e. a fruit, vegetable, seed, grain, nut, bean, coffee, tea, etc.), and fill out the following information. With your permission this information may be used to inform the public.

You may save and resume this form.
  • Your Food

  • Write N/A if it was not labeled
  • The Health Aspects of Your Food

  • You can list vitamins and minerals, but also include any information on how it helps us (i.e. good for circulation)
  • Usually risks are associated with over consumption, but if you aren't able to find any "N/A" is an acceptable answer.
  • Food Sustainability

  • If you have chosen fresh produce this will often be listed on the price sign in the grocery store. If you have chosen a packaged food it may list the origin or might say the distributor. Attempt to find where the company sources their product.
  • Use Google maps to estimate this.
  • Final Thoughts

  • Please enter your MUN email address
  • All parts of the assignment may or may not be used.
  • When you hit "Submit" your assignment will be emailed directly to Linda Morrissey and will be accessible by the education staff at the Botanical Garden.

    If you have any questions about this assignment please email: Christine Gillard at

    Upon submission of this assignment you will be directed to a survey about the Grocery Store Botany lab. The survey is anonymous and is not connected to this assignment. It is not mandatory, but we appreciate all answers received.