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    List all rooms being requested. *Note: rooms in the Two Story building are As-Is. If you rearrange the room in any way you must reset it before leaving. Facilities will not do set-ups in this building.

  • (Please Note)

    *Media support for an event/service is dependent on and at the discretion of the department's availability.

    *If Staff and/or Volunteers are not available to cover an event/service, outside support (Independent Contractors) may be used and compensated by the Ministry holding event/service.

    *Contacting/meeting directly with the WOL MEDIA DEPARTMENT regarding/requesting needs for an event/service is required before any media support is approved and provided.
  • If NO, please fill out and submit the required Media Request Form below prior to completing your room request.


    Select all items that apply
  • *Subject to availability. Additional Fees May Apply.
  • Quantity Room
    Chairs - Folding
    Easels - Large
    EZ Up Canopy
    Table - 6' Lecture
    Table - 6' Rectangle
    Table - 6' Round
  • Feel free to mock up your desired table layout and upload below.
  • *Not required but helpful.

  • If yes, you must email to request. You do not have Kiosks by marking yes, this is just to track all the information. You must email them separately

  • If Yes, you must fill out this form: