Ramon de Oliveira
New York, NY

As a young person, Ramon de Oliveira had a lot of interesting things happen to him. His journey began in the late 1970s, more than 43 years ago. As a young person, de Oliveira was learning how to do investment banking and other things like that. Soon, he couldn't tell the difference between the world of investment securities and the world of trading sales, so the line became blurred for him. To his surprise, he found that he was moving into equity markets and other types of investments full force. For a long time, this phase of de Oliveira's career went on. At JP Morgan, de Oliveira worked for a long time. In that way, he became the head of the Investment Management and Private Bank department. During this time, de Oliveira rose to professional prominence and was appointed to the JP Morgan executive committee.

During this time, de Oliveira became more well-known in the business world, and he also became a member of the JP Morgan executive committee. That put de Oliveira in a good position to be part of the team that negotiated the sale of JP Morgan to Chase Manhattan Bank. It was also important for De Oliveira to help with the acquisition of a big stake in the American Century mutual funds group. This is why. Yet, he found time for the arts and community service as well. De Oliveira helped so much, especially with the founding of the Louvre Museum Foundation, that he was eventually given a knighthood by the French government.
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