Working Visits Application Form
Thank you for your interest in doing a working visit at Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia. Please answer all the questions in the form below. If you require further information – email our working visitor coordinator.
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  • Please check your phone number has been entered correctly
  • Recent or current paid or voluntary work, study or anything you feel to be relevant
  • Such as cooking, household work, gardening or building skills, office, computer/website, art/design, painting and decorating
  • Please include any physical or mental health problems and prescribed medication - this information will be treated confidentially
  • Working visits require the applicant to be physically fit and well.
  • For each reference, please give us the name of the person, their title, their relationship to you, and their email address. We need a valid email address for each, so that we can contact them.
  • The Centre Rules are: no killing any living being (including insects); no stealing; no lying; no sexual misconduct; no taking drugs, alcohol or cigarettes; no playing of musical instruments, no listening to radios or watching television. If at any time you are seen to act in discordance with the centre rules you may be required to leave without notice.
  • Name, address and phone number of someone we can contact in an emergency and their relationship to you
  • Working visits are generally for one week, from Sunday to Sunday, however in some circumstances we are able to organise longer working visits for weeks or months. We cannot guarantee an extended working will be approved