This is an application for consideration to join our MLB NETWORK LEAGUE: MLB THE SHOW 22 LEAGUE. By filling out an application is not a guarantee of admittance, and only those who are deemed a good fit will be selected. The selection process is done solely for the betterment of the league; thank you for your time and understanding! Keep in mind there is a $22 membership fee to join us that provides you a place to play baseball all year round and provides prizes and rewards to all league members.
  • Please choose your correct age and remember to be honest. There is no judgement here as we are all older gamers here. If you are not 30 years old yet please choose "I am not 30 years old yet" and I will review application and sometimes I will give someone not quiet 30 yet a fair chance to still play here.
  • Please enter in your correct current city. I will use this only for judging where to place owners as TEAMS are given by location for this league.
  • Please provide your PSN here and please take your time and spell it exactly how you have it on your Playstation 4 or Playstation 5.
  • Please provide a working email so if needed we can contact you through email or PSN. Please take your time and provide a working email spelling it exactly as it should be.
  • Please provide the days and hours your normally are on playing games during the weekdays.
  • Please provide the days and hours your normally are on playing games during the weekend.
  • We recommend that you be hardwired for this online league. I understand some people might not be able to be be hardwired due to there house, but they do make Power Line Adapters that can make you be hardwired without having to run wires all over the place.
  • Please don't be shy give me more than just a few words why I should decide to allow you to join our league community. The more you put the better your chances are being accepted for this league.
  • There is no right or wrong answer here. I am just curious to see how many of you have upgraded graphically. We are solely a league on PS4/PS5. I am not accepting cross play owners at this time.
  • In MLB NETWORK LEAGUE all teams are assigned by your current city you live in. (Geographically)

    * If the owner lives in a location that does not have a team the next closest team will be given to them.

    * If your city's team is already taken then the next closest team to your location will be given to you.

    * I will sometimes honor and grant a life long fan of a team if that teams available regardless of there location, but this is a case by case decision.
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