Jim Feldkamp
Security and Foreign Policy Specialist

30 + years of Federal government and military experience, specializing in international security and foreign policy initiatives. Led successful international outreach initiative to improve maritime domain awareness (MDA) and maritime security.

James Feldkamp shows aspiring wallaby owners appropriate wallaby care.

James Feldkamp's objective is to guarantee exotic animals are treated with respect and safety. So he got down with us to talk about one of the most unusual pets: the Australian wallaby. Wallabies, a rare pet, have distinct demands than most other pets, exotic or not. There are a few distinct subtypes of wallabies that are now popular as pets, and their requirements vary somewhat, but these basic guidelines should apply to all wallabies. They can't be housetrained since they're not domesticated, they're nocturnal by nature and may create sleepless evenings, and their care can be prohibitively costly.

James Feldkamp cautions that wallabies have unusual tendencies. For example, don't worry if they puke food before bedtime; they're only conserving it. They also drool on their own arms to cool off in the heat.

You'll need a 6 by 6 foot outside enclosure for your new wallaby. Because of their tiny size, they may be brought inside, but make sure the place is wallaby-proofed first. While they may seem to be innocent little kangaroos, their legs are quite powerful. If you live in a chilly climate, bring your wallaby indoors if the temperature drops. In this scenario, James Feldkamp suggests setting aside a room in your house for your wallaby.

Think grass when feeding a wallaby. Grass should always be available for wallabies, but James Feldkamp recommends supplementing them with vegetables and wallaby pellets. Wallaby pellets will help your pet acquire the necessary vitamins they need to live a long and healthy life. James Feldkamp also advises people to check their lawn and vegetables for pesticides or other dangerous substances.

Overall, wallabies need a lot of work. Before you make the leap into wallaby ownership, do your homework to ensure your wallaby has the best possible life. James Feldkamp says that, like any exotic pet, you should check to see whether keeping a wallaby is allowed where you reside.
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