Gay and Grey Training Request
Please complete the following form to request a training addressing the issues and challenges facing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) older adults. Our Program Coordinator will respond to each request within a few days. If you have more questions contact Lauren Fontanarosa at (503)224-2640 or
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  • Please specify the time you would like the training or part of day (i.e. morning or afternoon). If the time if flexible, write in "flexible."
  • $ .
    Training Fee based on your organization budget

    Budget: 0 - $199,999
    Fee: $100

    Budget: $200,000 - $399,999
    Fee: $250

    Budget: $400,000 and up
    Fee: $300

    *For educational institutions we have a sliding fee scale from $50- $150

    Friendly House is able to offer partial scholarships in some circumstances. If your organization is not able to pay the above fees, please let us know what you are able to contribute towards the cost of training and we will discuss scholarship options.

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