Things a Wife Need to Know About

Are you planning to leave your abusive husband or an unhealthy marriage? But, you are having second thoughts of doing that because your husband has all the assets and you have no money to support yourself and your children. Did you know that it is the common reason why there are several abused wives who could never leave their abusive husband and file a legal case?


Despite the statistics of how many American women who are physically and verbally abused by their intimate partners each day, it is a fact that there are two out of five victims who never reported them to the police or sought for legal advice. If you are done with an abusive husband and an unhealthy marriage, do not be afraid to take your case to the next level and look for an efficient lawyer who can help you claim your legal rights as a wife and a mother at the Supreme Court. To help you put your unhealthy marriage to end, below are the top things that a wife should know about their legal rights during divorce:

1.    You have the right to equal property

Even though the law may vary from one state to the other, in most cases, the court recognizes that both husband and wife have equal claims to all acquired joint properties during their marriage. So, as a wife, remember the properties that you have co-signed to get a 50 percent fair to share.

2.    You have the right to custody and have a child support

A wife can have the right to custody, especially children ages 12 and below. However, if someone would contest your rights to custody due to unemployment or low funds to support your children, you need an efficient divorce attorney that will help you fight for your rights as a mother and to win your children's right to child support.

3.    Your right to Alimony

Alimony is a court-ordered provision, encourages the husband to provide a financial support for their wife before and after legal separation or divorce as long as you remained single and there was no third party involved at your end. Even though in most court, alimony is no longer considered automatic because the court assumes that a woman can work for a living, you can still fight for it, as long as you have a reliable attorney, like the divorce attorney in New Jersey.

4.    Your right to discovery

Divorce is crucial, especially dividing assets. To get your rightful share, you need to use your right to discovery because there are some husbands who try to hide their assets. So, use your right to a discovery that will force your husband to present all the documents stating his assets to the court.

5.    Your right to split the debts

If you have the right to equal property, you also have the right to an equal split of debts.

6.    You have the right to reclaim your maiden name

If you want to start fresh, you may file papers to reclaim your maiden name since most of the states allow the ex-wife to use them legally. Divorce can be tough, but you need to be tougher to get through it.

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