Buy Ledifos Online (Generic Harvoni) in India
The modern drug Ledifos Hetero refers to the structural analogues of the original antiviral agent Harvoni. This combination medicine was created to effectively help people who have been infected with viral hepatitis C. Before starting the serial production of Ledifos tablets, the manufacturers carried out a number of clinical trials that made it possible to verify their effectiveness and the possibility of using an alternative to their prototype.

Characteristics, composition and form of release
This official generic drug Harvoni is an inhibitor of specific proteases that are involved in the biochemical process of doubling viral RNA. A similar pharmacological effect is due to the content of sofosbuvir in a dosage of 400 mg, as well as ledipasvir in a dosage of 90 mg.

The drug is available in tablet form. Each generic tablet is coated with a glossy shell and has the Nl18 marking, which allows you to distinguish a fake from a quality drug. A pack of Ledifos medicine contains 28 active tablets.

The manufacturer of this generic is Hetero, located in India. Today, this country is a leader in the production of less expensive and effective drugs to combat various hepatitis C virus genotypes.

Drug effect
After Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir enter the internal environment of the human body, the process of blocking the enzymatic systems that regulate the process of division and spread of viral pathogens into healthy liver tissue cells is started. In order to assess the effectiveness of the medication, manufacturers implemented a clinical experiment in which 93% of the volunteers showed a persistent virological response after 8 weeks of therapy.

Hepatitis C virus genotypesThe drug Ledifos Hetero is a ready-made working combination that allows you to effectively deal with pathogens of chronic viral hepatitis C, with a genotype of 1–4. A harmonious combination of active ingredients avoids the use of Alpha Peginterferon and Ribavirin.

If the patient previously underwent hepatitis C therapy according to another scheme, then if it is ineffective, he is recommended to use Ledifos from India as a more effective alternative.

Contraindications and Precautions
Despite the low toxicity and safety of the generic Ledifos, this tool can not be used for therapeutic purposes if there are such contraindications:

the age of the patient is under 18 years old;
Specialist consultationintolerance to sofosbuvir and ledipasvir, as well as additional components of the drug;
simultaneous use with hepatitis medicines containing sofosbuvir;
lactation and pregnancy.
In addition, Ledifos is not compatible with drugs such as Emtricitabine, Elvitegravir, and Tenofovir. While taking a generic with drugs such as Rifampicin, Carbamazepine, Rosuvastatin and St. John's wort extract, a person may develop adverse reactions, since the compatibility of these components is excluded. Particular caution is recommended to observe for people experiencing problems with the urinary system.

During the period of treatment with a generic, women of childbearing age are recommended to use contraception, since pregnancy during treatment of hepatitis C can lead to the formation of abnormalities and malformations of the fetus.

How to apply Ledifos
Drinking pills with waterThe presented generic drug Harvoni is taken in a similar manner with its prototype. Instructions for use indicate that Ledifos is used 1 tablet 1 time per day. It is recommended to drink the medicine with ordinary drinking water, without using coffee, tea or fruit juices for this purpose. In order for the distribution of active substances throughout the body to be uniform, it is recommended to use tablets at the same time, which must be predefined.

In the absence of signs of fatty hepatosis or liver fibrosis, the duration of treatment is 12 weeks. If we are talking about the treatment of patients with a compensated form of cirrhosis, they are recommended a 24-week course of therapy with Ledifos. Similar recommendations apply to those who have viral hepatitis C associated with HIV infection.

Side effects
In the vast majority of cases, the generic Ledifos is favorably perceived by the human body, without causing any deviations in well-being in people undergoing therapy. Despite this, with a probability of 15–20%, the following adverse reactions may occur:

Fatigue and malaiseincreased fatigue and general malaise;
dizziness and headache;
skin allergic reactions resembling urticaria.
In order to assess the possibility of further use of the generic for the treatment of hepatitis C, it is recommended that each patient carefully monitor the reaction of his body to the initial intake of the medication. In the absence of symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling of the face and itching, therapy with Ledifos can be continued without concern for your condition.

Drug price
Unlike the original Harvoni drug, which costs $ 22,500 per package, the Indian generic Harvoni price in India is sold at prices ranging from $170 to $200 for 28 tablets. Such an impressive price run causes a rapid increase in demand for structural analogues of antiviral drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C.

To buy this product in India is not difficult, since there are many official intermediaries that sell goods using online stores and pharmacies. Acquiring the Indian counterpart Harvoni, it is recommended that each person give preference to those implementers who have the appropriate permission.
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