Charitable / Non-Profit Event Request
- Please submit your information below and someone will get back to you if you meet the requirements, and date is available.
- This request is for those (or businesses) giving away 100% of the proceeds. Organizations/Businesses that have memberships, or fees are required to use our other services.
- This is not a guarantee of services or contract with us, but a consideration of services for donation or greatly reduced pricing if available.
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  • Ie. Business place or residence
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  • ie: 501(c)(3) | 501(c)(19)
  • ie: cancer awareness 2015
  • Ie: Fundraiser, Benefit
  • Ie: To raise money for the family, or to raise money for Suicide awareness, etc.
  • Give past event results, if applicable. Tell us who or what this is for, their story and what happened.
  • Ie: MC, DJ, Sound, Lighting, Karaoke, Microphones, Ect
    How many hours is are we needed?
  • Example would be: "We would like a DJ to pay party music. We are setting up for a 5k run/walk and need music and announcements. We are having a dinner and a dance afterword."
    How many people are attending?
    Indoors or Outdoors?
  • This can be a social site like Facebook or twitter or GoFundME site.
  • Ie: Family, organization, other
  • Upload any pictures, video, flyers, or forms that you may have.
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