If you would like to register your interest in an animal advertised on this website, please fill in the questionnaire below.

"Animal Actionist" will then process your submission by either passing your details on to the rescue organisation who has the animal, or direct with owners. The objective being to ensure pets and people are matched up according to compatibility. We will contact you as soon as possible to further discuss the details of the animal you are interested in.


  • If yes, please list all animals (type/breed) currently living with you:
  • If renting or living with somebody else, does your landlord allow for pets in the home?
  • If "other", please explain below
  • If "other", please explain below
  • If yes, please include PIC number below:

  • Please enter the name or description of the animal as seen on the Animal Actionist website.
  • If yes, please provide a brief history of your experience with this type of animal.
  • If "other", please detail below
  • Please provide a brief rundown of the regular husbandry needs you are aware of for this type of animal, below:
  • This section applies predominantly to farm animals and birds, so if the animal you are applying for is already desexed or will be as part of the adoption process, please still provide an answer that represents your point of view.

    * Animal Actionist promotes non breeding of all rescued animals, particularly in the interest of breaking the cycle of unwanted farm animals (most of them males,) that find themselves with little time to find a new home and end up in danger of slaughter. All farm animals adopted via Animal Actionist are intented as family pets, and therefore the same rules that apply for non breeding of cats and dogs, applies to these animals too.

    ** Animal Actionist will only advertise domestic pets (such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits) that have already been desexed, or will be as part of the adoption process.

  • Adoption fees usually cover the medical treatments and upkeep of the animal that is currently being held by rescue organisations. These fees usually work out to be considerably cheaper than buying an animal from a breeder or pet shop and getting the procedures done independently.
  • Some organizations offer discounted vet services to people on low incomes. Should you need assistance, we can direct you to these service providers.

  • Thank you for this submission!

    It's wonderful that you want to help one of our featured pets - without people like you, so many animals face a very uncertain future. We will be in contact with you very soon.

    PS: Rest assured that submitting this form does not commit you to adopting, nor does it promise you can adopt the animal you are enquiring about. This is a first point of contact form, designed to garner important information that will enable us to place animals in appropriate homes. We take this first step in the interest of helping both the animals in question, and the people who wish to adopt them. Final decisions will be made by all parties after this application is submitted and appraised.
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