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The Pages to Pilgrimages digital research initiative collects stories from people who have traveled to see the places Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery lived, wrote, and made famous. We want to hear about your unique experience. Simply respond to the prompts below with as much detail as you'd like. Whether you visited as a child half a century ago, or only just yesterday, we're glad you're willing to share your story!

*If you wish to submit memories of more than one trip, please use a separate form for each trip.

For more information about this project, see "About the Project" on our website:
  • Contributors may identify themselves by first name only, by pseudonym, or by initials, if they wish to keep their identity private. The name you choose to identify yourself here is the name that will be used if your story is quoted in some future publication. If the name you provide has already been used for a previous submission (by you, or by someone else), you will be prompted to modify it (try adding a middle initial, using a nickname, or adding a number).
  • Demographic Information

  • Please enter the year of your birth in four-digit format (e.g. 1985)
  • Please enter trip length in days, not weeks or months.
  • Choose the answer that best describes your experience.
  • Let us know if the trip marked some special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, if it had been your dream to visit since childhood, if it was a spur of the moment jaunt, etc.
  • Did anything about the places you saw surprise you? Did places look different than you'd imagined they would? Did you experience any interactions or emotions that took you by surprise?
  • This could be anything from a spectacular sunset to a meaningful interaction with another person, or an unexpected insight.
  • For example, reading Anne of Green Gables while sitting on the lawn of the Green Gables house, reading Montgomery's Cavendish journals at the site of her Cavendish home, etc.
  • Your email address will ONLY be seen/used by Pages to Pilgrimages researchers and will not be shared with other parties.
  • By marking this box, you assert that you are the creator and owner of any copyrightable content (such as stories and photos) in your submission. You authorize the use of the submitted material under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC By 4.0) license and understand that your submitted photos and stories will be available to researchers, writers, students, and anyone else interested in L.M. Montgomery tourism. Your material may be reproduced online or in print publications with attribution, meaning it is expected that anyone reproducing content from the Pages to Pilgrimages collection will practice ethical scholarship and identify you as the author of your submission. You must agree to these terms before your submission can become part of the collection.

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