Using Flash Drives to Improve Business Marketing

Using the best of what technology can offer is a great way to get above the competition in the world of business. However, with the immensely broad scope that technology has provided, it would seem that the playing field is so full of variables that not one business can utilize every single possible marketing asset that they have access to. In fact, due to the rapid pace of technological improvement, there are still plenty of undiscovered marketing strategies that aren't used by modern businesses. However, this doesn't mean that businesses should give up easily. It is a competitive world, and using appropriate tools to boost market base is necessary.


Surprisingly, one of the relatively less utilized tools in marketing is using custom flash drives. Social media is an obvious place to grab exposure for the company. Yet the humble flash drive demands that businesses should know more about it to increase sales and customer base. But what can be so interesting about a simple flash memory device that can help a business reach new heights? The answer is actually quite simple, and is simply hiding in plain sight. Custom flash drives are effective in reaching out and encouraging brand loyalty. Here are some examples.

1.    Distribute to employees.

There are different ways to make employees stay in the business; one of them is to keep their pay at a justifiable rate, obviously. But it's actually the small and subtle things that dissuade them from thinking of moving to supposedly greener pastures. Giving employees something that they use on a daily basis, and bears the company's name is effective in instilling brand loyalty.

2.    Giveaways at expos.

The first point with utilization of custom flash drives is more of an internal objective in order to keep the business workforce solid. Although it does help when people working under the brand have nothing but good things to say about their company. Indirect marketing, if you will. However, in terms of using bulk flash drives for gaining and keeping customers on the other hand, businesses can hand out flash drives during expos instead of flyers. Advertisers understand that when distributing flyers, most of it immediately end up in the trash bin. This is unlikely to be the case with flash drives, of course. A word of caution when opting for this approach however, is to instruct employees manning the expo booth to choose recipients carefully. A single flash drive costs significantly more than a single flyer, after all.

3.    Use as a prize for contests.

Contests increase customer engagement in social media exponentially. It's also worth mentioning that implementing small contests during expos is a great buffer for giving away flash drives to only few people. Flash drives are extremely cheap yet are extremely invaluable when utilized properly. A flash drive given as a prize serves as both a booster for exposure and as a reinforcement to customer loyalty.

When ordering custom flash drives in bulk, it's important to talk with a reputable manufacturer to have better collaborative technology solutions. Imaginative custom flash drive designs may require a bit of compromise and use of special technologies. A flash drive that's designed to be a functional wrench, for example, have to be made of sturdy material.

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