Members Only: Apply to Moderate a Clubhouse Room
{Please follow the steps below}

Next Steps:
1. Make sure you have filled out the JOIN KBH FORM on our main club page and received your free download. You MUST finish Step 1 before moving through this form.

2. Follow Dr. Joyce and our club on Clubhouse.

3. Follow Britt Knight (Our Administrator) She will be the one scheduling any rooms you apply to moderate BUT you must be following her for her to do so.

4. Place the hashtag #kingdombuildher in your CH profile to be "pinged" into our rooms.
  • - -
  • Maximum: ONE ROOM a WEEK
  • Failure to provide a title, will delay and or forfeit your approval.
  • Moderators are requested to commit to host weekly rooms at the same time for their topic. Ex. Every Monday at 11am CST within the month.
    If applying to Co-Moderate only, provide the days and times you are available to support in others rooms.
  • NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: The price, product, service or masterclass you share, cannot exceed $150.00 per item AND it cannot conflict with a service of product, Dr. Joyce promotes or sells In the same genre or industry. (ie: Life Coach Certification, Classes, Courses or Memberships geared at helping people to identify, mobilize to monetize their purpose and God-Given dreams) If you are unsure, reach out to the Admin team to seek approval prior to submitting payment.
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