* If your diploma has been damaged or lost, please use this form to request a replacement. "Replacement Diploma" will be printed on the reissued diploma.
* All requests for a replacement diploma must be submitted using this form.
There is a $25 diploma replacement fee (per diploma request) which must be paid before submitting the request form. Payment is made online by selecting the "Pay Now"
link below. A copy of the payment confirmation must be attached to this online request; so process payment prior to completing this form.
* Processing time is at least 10-14 days; during peak periods, the processing time may be longer.
* Submit a copy of your payment confirmation with this form.
* NOTE: If the name now being requested on the diploma is different than the name at the time of graduation (due to marriage, divorce, court order, etc), attach a proof of name change document below such as copy of social security card, court documents, or official marriage license (not the marriage certificate issued by a church, clergy, or other religious entity).

***Questions: Contact the Registrar's Office at 570-484-2008 or***