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  • Put a real email address here that I can use to reach you. It is very important.
  • Please enter your phone number in this format. You may contact me at any time at (270) 908-0338. I rarely answer the phone during the day on weekdays, but you may leave a voice message and I will return your call in the evening. For fastest response, please send a text. You may also email me directly at ian@atomiccitymobile.com. Repeatedly calling me and hanging up in the hopes that I will answer your call will result in me permanently blocking your number. It is rude and I don't tolerate it.
  • Don't know for sure? Click the appropriate link below to find out. Please be sure you are selecting the right model, as the parts I install are MODEL SPECIFIC. I DO NOT PERFORM REPAIRS ON ANY NON-APPLE DEVICE (Android phone/tablet or Windows Phone/tablet), iPod Touch (any model), iPad Mini (any model), iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro (any model). NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Identify iPhone Model
    Identify iPad Model
  • What color is the border around the glass on the front of your device? Hint: It can only be black or white.
  • Please provide a VERY BRIEF description of what issue I will be repairing for you. Something like "cracked screen" or "power button" will be plenty.
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    List the date and time of your appointment if we have already discussed it. If we haven't discussed it yet, please list date and time you would LIKE to have your appointment. Hours of operation are currently on weekdays after 6:30 p.m. or weekends beginning at 10:00 a.m. unless I have made other arrangements with you directly.
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