Travel agencies are dying.

Do you believe this?

This speculation has been the subject of business article features, but the industry is hard to kill.

Despite everyone’s easy access to online booking and the outpour of travel itineraries from independent travel bloggers all over the world, a good 13% of adults still prefer to book through a travel agency.

However, the Bureau of Labour Statistics said the number of travel agencies in the United States has continued to see a decline over the years — 132,000 in 1990 and 74,000 in 2014. A 12% decline is foreseen by 2024.

Travelers with backpacks and luggage used online forms on agency website
Some travelers still prefer to book through an agency

As an online travel agency (OTA) today, your obvious plan is to thrive. But how can you stay ahead of the others?

Be ready get that booking done, all the time!

Yes, I really mean all the time. No, you (or your employees) don’t have to miss sleep and subject yourselves to overwork. You just need to get help from a travel agency form.

The modern travel agency knows how to leverage online forms and power up their sales — with minimal effort. Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to do this.

Enable booking reservations 24/7

Statisticbrain say that 148.3 million travel bookings are made each year and this is 57% of all the travel reservations.

Capture all potential clients by putting up a travel agent booking form in your website. Travelers could be coming from all parts of the world. With all the different time zones, you’ll want to remain accessible 24/7 for your global market.

That way, you drop lost opportunities.

Minimize the nitty gritty

You probably already have a system in place for bookings made, cancelled reservations, and your customer database. If organizing all these takes up a major portion of your time, it’s time to streamline your workflow.

Did you know that you can integrate your travel agency registration form with CRMs, Google Docs, and other web apps to automate your processes?

Manual is not the way to go, especially if you’re hustling.

Accept payments online

Seal the deal. Arm your travel agency booking form with the capability to collect online payments. This way, you’re offering your clients a quick and easy way of solidifying their travel plans.

Online payment forms can usually supports payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree. For PCI-compliant forms, they securely collect credit card information.

Arm your travel agency booking form with a payment collection feature to solidify your clients’ travel plans.

Boost online presence

Survey says 70% of global consumers believe online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising. Now that you know this, you have to make sure that you showcase the most positive reviews of your clients online.

An easy way to collect such statements is through a customer feedback form for travel agency. You can ask clients who have recently completed a travel trip to answer the survey.

Of course, the purpose of getting these feedback is not for show. Customer data is a gold mine. Reading your clients’ thoughts lets you know how they think. Listen to what they have to say about your travel agency. It’s an avenue for your business to grow.

Travel agency require passports from clients
Custom regulations apply to obtaining clients’ passports, visas, and other sensitive personal information

Exchange travel documents fast — and safely

Undoubtedly, as a travel agency, you have to collect sensitive information and documents at some point.

If you’re catering to local clients, they can just drop their documents by your office. But if you’re operating globally, you need a travel agency application form that can securely collect documents and signatures. You usually need the latter for travel waiver forms.

Can you now imagine how easier things would be for your business if you use a travel agency form?

EmailMeForm can help you build a booking form for travel agency. More than that, you can even curate your very own travel agency form templates that can make your travel agency business fly even higher.

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