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Collect credit card data

Payments using credit cards leave most cardholders anxious over online fraud. Assure your customers of the highest global security. The PCI certification of Vault on your form is the seal of trust to close deals. The PCI DSS compliant feature of EmailMeForm can collect, store, and retrieve full credit card information.

Browse and pay

A higher chance of purchase happens when consumers see payment options after item/service browsing. Enable payments on your forms without having to switch platforms. Process payments from major gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, and Square.

Build your brand

Low retailing profile backfires drastically to your sales report. Take your business to the next level by displaying your forms with your business logo on different social media pages. Reaching more people who will convert to loyal customers will promote your business too.

Confirm purchases

Let your customers feel your engagement and achieve higher response rates from them. Automate your replies by sending your data subjects automatic confirmation or transactional emails from their recent purchase. Customize your response and dispatch it simultaneously upon receiving notification requests.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Workstreams become smooth if good interactions exist among your daily applications. Save time integrating your processes by simply connecting your forms to web apps. Integrate your forms to more than 50 web apps EmailMeForm offers.

Establish workflows

Lose no deal, ever. Instantly get notifications from the moment a customer purchases and receives the payment seamlessly. Power up your internal systems by establishing workflows. From beginning to end, exert minimal effort while keeping the process seamless.

Integrate your favorite web apps

Work smart. Connect your forms with over 2000 web applications and get more organized than ever.

Sample Forms Used in Retail Industry

Too busy? We can do custom forms for you like these via our CustomWorks Service.

Form cover

Vegetables Order Form

Form cover

Online Purchase Order Form

Form cover

Online Order Form

Form cover

E-commerce Order Form

Form cover

Candy Inventory Form

Form cover

Retail Checkout Form


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