It’s easy to execute when you set it up right from the start

What is GDPR and How to Prepare Your Business in 6 Steps

All you need to know about the EU data privacy law and how to get your business ready in 6 steps (data collection and storage).

Plus, everything you need to know about how GDPR will affect the way you gather and store your collected data

Create Online Forms That Help You Meet GDPR Compliance With EmailMeForm

Find out how you can make your existing online forms GDPR compliant with these actionable tips.

Our continuous dedication to the safety of your data is now being officialized

EmailMeForm is Getting Ready for GDPR Compliance

Find out how your form builder, EmailMeForm, prepares for the upcoming EU data privacy regulation and how it will affect your data collection and processing.

Yup, entirely possible.

How to Build an Email List From Scratch (Even Without a Website)

Create your email list from scratch today even if you don't have a website. All you need, aside from this tutorial, is an online form and you're good to go.

Optimize your forms for easier anti-spam experience on phones and tablets

Smart Captcha to Take over Google and Your Forms by April

Add smart Google captcha security to your forms for free to improve user experience and enforce stronger anti-spam protection.

Clever tricks that will make your efforts 7 times more rewarding

7 Things Your Marketing Team Can Do With NPS Surveys Aside From Tracking Customer Success

Learn how your marketing team can make the most of NPS surveys and make your efforts 7x more rewarding.

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