3 easy ways that you wished you knew a long time ago

How to Send Lead Magnets Just Through Your Online Forms

Do you feel sending lead magnets is a complicated (and expensive) thing to do for your business? Not true. Here are 3 ways you can set it up just by using online forms.

Spend more time on the court, less time behind your desk

How Sports Teams Use Online Forms To Up Their Game

Learn how sports coaches and organizers use online forms to automate and organize event registrations, sports waiver distribution, and other off-court tasks.

Enable SSL Encryption and Update Form Files

Complete Guide — How to Migrate HTTP to HTTPS (Secured) Forms

An easy hands-on guide on how to upgrade your form from http to https. How to update the unsecured files that the form is using.

Don’t give cyber criminals an easy way to infiltrate your web.

Cover Your Assets by Making Your Website More Secure

Learn how to arm your website with basic security measures and protect your most important online asset

The methods are so easy that you can implement them after you read the post.

How to Get More Entries From Your Marketing Forms (Without Spending Money on Ads)

Not satisfied with the trickling form entries? Follow these 4 tips and watch the entries pour in.

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Start your WordPress site effectively and without unnecessary trial and error is by following these 6 pro tactics.