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How to Create a Simple Online Application Form

Collect online applications with application forms you can embed into your website, share on social media or in emails. No coding, use ready-made fields and store applications for free.

You’ll never look at your forms the same way again!'

9 Powerful Web Form Features That You Should Use

Maximize the effectiveness of your online forms by using these 9 powerful web form features. Examples on how to use each also included.

Protect your customers and their data with SSL encryption

HTTPS Migration: Make Your EmailMeForm Forms Secure

What is HTTPS connection and why Google sees all HTTP pages as "Not secure". Find out how to make your forms secure to prevent new version of Chrome from hurting them.

Everything you need to know plus an HTTPS Migration Infographic Guide

HTTPS Migration: Should You Do It and What It Means for Your Forms

What is HTTPS connection, how does it affects your website, and how to do it. Get the complete step-by-step guide on migrating your website to HTTPS and get on Google's good side.

Study the data and improve form completions

Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to Uplift Your Form Tracking

Learn how you can use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for form performance tracking. Investigate form abandonment and increase form completions.

Yes, it’s possible—and it’s really easy

How to Create NPS Surveys Using an Online Form Builder

Measure client loyalty by creating a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey using an online form builder like EmailMeForm.

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