The methods are so easy that you can implement them after you read the post.

How to Get More Entries From Your Marketing Forms (Without Spending Money on Ads)

Not satisfied with the trickling form entries? Follow these 4 tips and watch the entries pour in.

Actionable advice for entrepreneurs in 2018

Top 6 WordPress Website Improvement Tips for Beginners

Start your WordPress site effectively and without unnecessary trial and error is by following these 6 pro tactics.

A tech magic that makes the copy-pasting go *poof*. Dive into data analysis and execution at once.

How to Automatically Forward Form and Survey Responses to Google Sheets (1-Click Integration)

Automatically forward your form data or survey responses to Google Sheets. View, store, and analyze data right on the sheet after this 1-click integration.

It’s easy to execute when you set it up right from the start

What is GDPR and How to Prepare Your Business in 6 Steps

All you need to know about the EU data privacy law and how to get your business ready in 6 steps (data collection and storage).

Plus, everything you need to know about how GDPR will affect the way you gather and store your collected data

Create Online Forms That Help You Meet GDPR Compliance With EmailMeForm

Find out how you can make your existing online forms GDPR compliant with these actionable tips.

Our continuous dedication to the safety of your data is now being officialized

EmailMeForm is Getting Ready for GDPR Compliance

Find out how your form builder, EmailMeForm, prepares for the upcoming EU data privacy regulation and how it will affect your data collection and processing.

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