Because there’s always more work

3 Ways on How Online Forms Help Grow Your Nonprofit’s Cause — with Minimal Effort

Automate your nonprofit's event invitations and registrations, volunteer onboarding, fundraising online, launch surveys for general public, get feedback from stakeholders and more — with online forms.

It’s all about organized communication

How Online Forms Help Remote Teams Work Efficiently

Companies that have remote workforce may find how to organize work, communications, support, and requests, with the help of online forms.

Sell goods and services with checkout forms

Cost-effective Solution for Automated Online Sales

Meet the tool that will help you set up secure online payments with protected data storage on websites and social networks. Code-free, quick and easy to use!

Yeah, we eat our own dog food.

EMF Story: What Happened When We Used Our Own Feedback Forms

Read about how we used our own forms to build new interface for our form builder app. What we learned from our users and how we used that information to improve.

Put down your pens, everyone.

How Educational Institutions Can Benefit from Using Online Forms

Learn how your school can attract new students, streamline enrollment processes, and manage student data with advanced online forms. Do online tests and report on your students' success.

Use Online Forms to Manage Events

Drop Stellar Events with the Help of Online Forms

Make your events a success by using online RSVP invitation forms, registration forms, feedback surveys and more. Manage the events at every touchpoint with your clients.

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