How User Feedback Helped Us
Update Our App Interface

We used our own feedback forms in revamping our product according to the way our users wanted it. Product engagement increased after 48 hours of our roll out!

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Here’s a before and after look

Slide to see our new interface!

short backstory

Why we needed a revamp

We noticed repeating feature requests from customers on our Form Manager back then. Like how our users wished there was an easier way to search for their forms. They gave us answers on what worked and what didn't work well for them.

We listened, followed the clues, and finally decided to make their wishes come true — a Form Manager Revamp was on the way!

But, before we embarked on such a long and painstaking journey, we had to know what exactly the pain points were. That's where our powerful feedback form came in handy.

Here’s the survey that we used

It’s an 8-page form with simple and straightforward questions — nothing complex.

Client satisfaction survey →

Creating a survey
that got replies

1Eliminate the guesswork

Asking feedback is a favor that you ask from your clients. So, we made the process as easy as possible. We provided options using the pre-loaded survey type options

We used the scale rating to quantify the results objectively and reduce bias. You can also choose from Likert Scales, Star Rating, and more — they’re all ready to use in your forms.

Make it easy for your users to read and answer your survey. We added pictures to help explain our ideas. Our forms are customizable; you can include a picture, change the colors, and more.

Dig deeper. Allow users to give their feedback with a comment box. It’s a good way to gain more insights from your users.

We wanted to personally reach out to individual users, so we added a text box where they can leave their contact details so we can talk to them in a call—it’s totally optional.

Lastly, we used the 'Thank You' Page to showcase our products. That way, they can have inspiration for the forms that they can create using our builder.

Facing what your clients have to say

Now, the thrilling part

Our tool lets you instantly generate a report or export the data for further analysis. Your data, ready for your review in minutes!

The data told us what to add, which to change, and what to keep. When we had the alpha prototype ready, our design head recorded a video presentation to share the progress with our testers. We were overwhelmed with their positive reactions!

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