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Easy Nonprofit Data Management

EmailMeForm supports the mission of nonprofit organizations. Try our easy-to-use PCI Certified online forms to conduct surveys, accept donations, and collect personal data from your members and supporters. All of these things so you can focus your efforts on the most important task of all - helping people — and animals too!

Recruit the right people

Hire the people whose backgrounds match your organization’s culture and mission using our forms that are smart, flexible, and highly customizable. Through our form logic feature, show only the questions relevant to your users’ response. You can also break long forms into multiple pages.

Accept donations online

Raising funds and accepting donations online are made easier and safer using our PCI compliant payment forms. Through Vault, our forms can also safely and securely collect, store, process, and transmit the credit card information of your donors and supporters.

Get more volunteers

Share your cause to the world and get more volunteers in the process through the use of membership forms that can easily be accessed on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and other social media platforms.

Manage event registrations

Easily get information such as names and contact numbers through your registration forms. You can integrate the collected data with 50+ web apps including Google Docs for easy and safe storage.

Conduct surveys

Conduct surveys and get feedback from your donors and supporters to improve your processes and to make more informed decisions in the future. Create your own customized survey forms or choose from our online survey templates.

Thank donors

Express gratitude to your donors and sponsors every time they finish filling out a form that you sent. Instantly send them a customized thank you message using our autoresponder feature.

Let your supporters help you through
a powerful form solution

Get more work done so you can focus on what you do best —
changing the world.

Allie decides to support your non-profit organization through online donation

She finds the form on your page and fills out her basic information such as name, contact number and email address.

She is asked to choose her preferred amount of donation

Allie chooses to give a monthly recurring donation instead of just doing it one-time. She puts in the amount that she can give monthly herself.

She enters her credit card information on the form

Seeing the Vault seal on your form, Allie types in her credit card details with confidence. She trusts that her information is secure because your form is 100% PCI certified.

You and your team members get notified of Allie's donation

Your team receives a notification via email. You view the data and process the donation. Allie's credit card details can only be viewed by team members that you authorize.

Through your integrations, Allie receives updates from you every month

You have set up integration with a mailing service and Allie now receives update emails from you every month. Allie is happy about the whole experience and she invites her friends and family members to support your organization too.

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Sample Online Forms for
Nonprofit Organizations

Donation and application forms created by our Customworks Team for inspiration

Form cover

Church Online Donation Form

Form cover

Campaign Sponsorship Form

Form cover

Event Satisfaction Survey

Form cover

Excursion Registration Form

Form cover

Cheerleader Registration Form

Form cover

Ticket Order Form


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