This month, our team at EmailMeForm is celebrating a DECADE of good business — thanks to you, our dear users, and the trust you’ve invested in us along the way!

It has been no less than an awesome experience building this tool with you and for you, helping you achieve more for your businesses, growing together all these years. What kept our engines going was seeing you succeed and thrive in what you do.

We take pride in being a small part of your wins, acknowledging your undeniable importance in ours.

You probably didn’t know that we’ve been around for this long, serving millions of happy users around the globe with our free form builder tool. Curious to hear our story?

Here’s what we have achieved together in the past ten years of EmailMeForm.


The year when EmailMeForm was founded. Back in the days there weren’t that many online form builders available and we were the pioneers in the field. Can you imagine how different our tool had looked back then? There could be a few of you that remember. It was ahead of its time, but we came a long way from there to where we are now. Looking back, it was worth it!


The real journey begins when EmailMeForm gets acquired by our current management that continues to actively navigate it until today. What happened then?

From 2009 until today, it’s been a journey of trials and errors, successes and breaks, bugs and fixes, tears and joys. Just like any other business that survived this long (especially challenging in the software industry), we tried our best to constantly reinvent and improve our service and the way we work.

The fact that we are still here with you stands as a proof that we succeeded and are yet to show what more we can do.

We opted to stay grassroots. It was a better fit for us to build and foster meaningful relationships with our team and users organically. Everyday we’re still learning about ourselves and more importantly our users needs. — Michael Quan, our CEO.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2009, EmailMeForm was acquired by our current management.


In 2010, we got together as a new team with fresh vision and enthusiasm and we rolled up our sleeves to start rebuilding our app from ground up.

This effort gave birth to the first truly user-friendly and functional version of EmailMeForm. The success gave us hope and belief that our vision was in line with what users expected from our app. Slowly, our user base was growing in support of that.

I LOVE how easy it was to set up! I’m a NEW Business Owner with a limited budget. I APPRECIATE that the use of EmailMeForm is actually FREE, while determining the needs & wants of my consumers. THANK YOU!!! — Claudine Rocca-Lambert, Rocca’s Specialita.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2010, we released the first successful version of EmailMeForm.


In the next three years, we continued to build features and security, fortifying our position in the world of online forms and surveys. Most of the basic Form Builder features that you’re still using today were built around that time.

We kept being featured in the top three positions of Google search for forms, and most importantly — this is the year when our app celebrated its millionth user!

I have been able to streamline several complicated workflows (that are also easier for the end-users) because of EmailMeForm. EmailMeForm is simple to use and set up, and all the logic functions and notification options are brilliant! I’m able to produce professional looking forms and questionnaires easily and quickly!

Needless to say, we love this product! Thank you! — Christie from UC Santa Barbara.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2013, we celebrated our millionth user.


Armed with the trust our users gave us and confident in the stability of our platform, in 2014 we set out to restructure the organization, polish our workflows, and introduce new marketing strategies.

Luckily for us, this turned out to be a good idea! Since then, our team is strong and unified, working remotely from all over the world to deliver prime service and value to our users.

This was an important year for our team. We integrated new tools to help us manage work and customer relationships, reorganized internal processes and adopted agile methodologies. I’m proud of my team and what we pulled off together. We continue to support millions of users in collecting and connecting their data. — Cassandra Lai, Chief of Customer Support and Business Operations.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2014, we reorganized our team, introduced new workflows to support our growing user base.


Marked a new era of EmailMeForm, with our decision to become more than just forms and incorporate the word “Service” back to Software-as-a-Service.

By offering CustomWorks, we put our form building expertise at disposal of anyone in need for special forms. This means that you can now order any kind of form, app integration, or feature to be custom built for you.

But this was not all! We made it possible for you to connect your forms with more than 70 popular third party apps to help you get the most out of the data you collect through EmailMeForm.

We also took important steps toward improved stability and security of our system by migrating and fortifying the platform’s infrastructure and introducing new systems for downtime tracking and risk mitigation.

2015 ensured we have a stable technology platform to support future advances and product improvements. Pulling off a seamless transition with an existing userbase was exciting and rewarding! — Harrison Hung, CTO at EmailMeForm.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2015, we introduced CustomWorks, fortified security and implemented app integrations.


We quadrupled our team and with this new energy and soul, we set out to further our commitment to building the company which will better accommodate the needs of our growing user base.

We’re still a nimble and highly motivated team, united in our aim to create a platform that will mean more than just forms for you.

Working towards that goal, we decided to start from the beginning and improve your user experience with the app. We introduced the new Form Manager dashboard — first in a row of module revamps with improved usability and user feedback in focus.

We became laser-focused on our users’ needs, broadened our feedback channels, implemented better analytics, and employed design testing strategies. We translated what we learned into features that help you organize your workflows, find things faster, and increase your productivity. - Danilo Suput, Chief Creative Officer.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2016, EmailMeForm team quadrupled and introduced new app interface.


This year was a blast! We had some epiphanies and important discoveries that are now in the research and beta development phases.

Mainly, we continue on our trajectory towards a product that will allow you to do more with the data you collect through your forms. Moreover, we’re developing more security options for those of you who collect sensitive information from your customers.

What you’ve probably already noticed, though, is the revamp of your user page and checkout flow. It provides smoother experience to all of you that are purchasing our higher plans. The new flow is more clear about what each plan includes, helping you make well-informed decisions.

As a Web Master, I’ve used a lot of different form programs but once I found EMF I never turned back. Simple to use, fully customizable, complete database record of all forms and by far the most compatible and convenient system I have ever used. — Roger Cooper, Cooper Service.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2017, we integrated more data security options and made checkout easier for you.


New year brings many excitements and novelties to all. We will continue to develop our app to meet future needs of our loyal community. Every new feature and interface is being redesigned with your success in mind.

We hope you’ll stay close and see what we have in plan for our form builder and your forms.

EmailMeForm’s 10-year Anniversary
In 2018, we’ll continue to develop our app making it more data-rich and user-friendly for you.

Happy tenth anniversary to all our users! Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

Your friends at EmailMeForm

Author Jovana Milankovic

Jovana Milankovic

Jovana is a content creator and marketing manager at EmailMeForm. Her job is to curate our software to the world and make it more human for our users.

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