Almost after a year of lockdown and social distancing, COVID-19 is now shaking in fear.. researchers worldwide outsmarted the deadly virus and developed the vaccine that cooperates with your immune system so your body will be prepared to fight the virus.

Worldwide distribution of the highly anticipated shots has begun; the vaccine form for registration and localized distribution is forthwith on you.

Is that a simple shot? The answer is No.

A potential scenario you had…

You did contact tracing and the digital tools are quite useful in the process. Online forms took a huge part particularly when you collected protected health information (PHI). The trace helped minimize the spread of the virus. Now it’s time that you organize vaccine distribution.

How to create a COVID vaccine form?

First things first. Have your patients pre-register for the vaccine preferred. Using EmailMeForm, you can create a HIPAA compliant form that will allow your remote patients to register when the vaccine is already available in your area.

Before carrying out any medical procedure on you, including something as simple as vaccination, healthcare professionals require consent to carry out procedures. Vaccines do have risks. Certainly, the risk is substantially smaller than that of contracting the infection.

And if you prefer your vaccine distribution tabulated, why not use integration with google sheets? You can totally work on your distribution more efficiently using a secure, HIPAA compliant form that collects PHI in a safe manner.

register COVID forms using EmailMeForm

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