In response to the changes in global data privacy policies, many businesses have adapted to using regulation-compliant online tools to protect themselves.

Compliance solutions offer multitudes of plans with dozens of privacy protection options, and amid the chaos of adjusting to a completely remote workflow model - it becomes difficult to figure out: “how does all of this apply to me and my business?”

Before we look at how HIPAA applies outside of the US, it is important to note that different countries have their own laws and regulations on data privacy and medical record privacy. If you are marketing your product internationally, it is good to therefore ask what these regulations are and how they overlap with HIPAA. Let’s take a look at GDPR.

GDPR is enforced in the EU, but its applications do not extend only to EU countries. The General Data Protection Regulation applies to anyone who operates in the EU, offers their product to people within the EU or monitors data and behaviours of people in the EU.

How would HIPAA overlap with GDPR regulations?

HIPAA protects an individual’s PHI - any information that can identify a patient. GDPR protects any data that can lead to the identification of an individual.

HIPAA compliance regulations target information held by doctors, insurance companies, employers and any HIPAA covered entities. GDPR compliance regulations apply to any organisation dealing with personal data. That includes medical information.

So HIPAA already falls under some GDPR regulations, putting you on the forward path to being fully compliant with other international privacy policies.

On the road to international compliance.

International Compliance Chart

Finding a way to adhere to every single data privacy regulation internationally doesn’t just feel like a chore, but a risk. Playing with your company’s reputation, finances and ability to sell in specific countries isn’t something many of us are inclined to do, and that’s why global compliance tools are so important. Not to mention, self-checks and continuous element inspection whilst trying to keep up with ever-changing privacy regulations would leave you with little to no time to actually run your business.

EmailMeForm has undergone intensive, full-scale audits of its various compliance solutions. From data privacy to workflow controls, we give you the security you need to run your business.

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