Small businesses tend to have the startup environment.

In a small team, everyone has more responsibility and more opportunities to grab. Each worker may be required to try a lot of different hats from time to time and it can be a lot of fun.

Chances are, you’re a small business owner because you’re reading this. You’re armed with a team of energized and passionate individuals who will always want to get the work done. But did you know that it’s going to be the chink in your armor too?

small team working together
Keep your small team productive

Staying energized will be a problem, not just for you, but for your small team too. With data to manage, logistics tasks that take forever, and a deadline to catch, your small team will be burnt out easily.

Our team swing swords faster than a speeding dragon because we leverage online forms in our workflow. Online forms do the repetitive tasks for us like collecting client data, receiving payments, and more.

If you still haven’t discovered the power of forms for small businesses yet, here are four signs that you should have given it a try already.

1. Piled up paperworks

Is one of your employee’s desks slowly turning into a paper mountain? Does a significant portion of the budget go to office materials (i.e., paper and printer ink)? Do things need constant reworking because of incorrect information found on scribbled documents?

All these wouldn’t be an issue if you use online forms for your small business.

First of all, there would be no office clutter, which have been shown to dwindle office productivity.

Next, everything would be securely saved, stored, and accessed through the cloud. You also get to score environment points by reducing paper usage.

Lastly, forms for businesses allow for accurate and fast transactions, which translates to more sales. This is what you’re basically after, right?

Forms for businesses allow for accurate and fast transactions, which translates to more sales.

2. You have clients overseas

Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs, both big and small, have the opportunity to expand globally. Getting in touch with your clients is ridiculously easy.

Probably the only challenge to overcome is the time difference and obviously, the distance. Inquiries may be delayed and transactions can’t be personal.

That’s something business online forms can take care of.

You don’t have to put up a 24/7 sales team if you still can’t; just place an inquiry or order form on your website. Doing so let the inquiries, orders, and payments keep coming in even if you’re sleeping.

Hooray for business forms for small business!

Business forms can collect the inquiries, orders, and payments even while you’re sleeping.

3. Lack of online payment systems

From 2015 to 2016, the number of online shoppers has grown by nearly 20 million and surprise, surprise! The number is growing.

If you’ve got a business, you’d be crazy not to support online transactions. It’s fast and convenient, and everybody prefers it.

Online payment systems are sensitive, though. If ever you wish to collect credit card information, you need to be PCI compliant. The road to being PCI compliant is a long and winding road, but you can take an easy turn towards payments forms for business.

Online payment forms let you collect payments through major payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and more in a secure and safe way. Leave the complications of the payment systems to the experts and concentrate on growing your business.

customer feedback form
Customer feedback gives you a gold mine of data

4. Slipping customer feedback

Your company exists to serve your clients and provide them with the best user experience there is. I know you’d agree with this.

This is why you should take customer feedback seriously. One IT vendor used a Net Promoter Score Survey to double their growth rate in accounts.

As for us, we have used feedback forms in shaping our Form Manager dashboard. Because we listened to our users, we were able to increase app usage and hit more upgrades.

As for you, you shouldn’t let your customer feedback slip. In fact, you should track it religiously over time through customer satisfaction surveys.

It’ll give you a gold mine of customer information that could unlock your small business’ potentials.

Forms for small businesses are highly recommended. They make amazing small business partners. Make them part of your workflow and ease your daily grind.

We know how busy small business owners (like you) can get.

Author Aiza Coronado

Aiza Coronado

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