One of the main reasons for businesses to have online forms is to get contacts, leads, applicants, subscribers, users, generally speaking — clients, in the broadest sense. Forms give people a chance to get in touch with your business, order products or services, subscribe to mailing lists, apply for various activities and shop online.

However, this is not and it shouldn’t be seen as a one-way street. When people reach out to you and provide their personal details via forms, it is considered a rule in marketing that you can use the data to communicate with them for as long as they don’t unsubscribe from your mailing list. And that’s where the magic of email marketing begins.

No matter which type of form you’re using, and certainly there are gazillion different types, your form is asking for form taker’s name and email address in almost all cases. These are the only data you need to start a successful email marketing or newsletter campaign. Online forms are there to get you the data and enable you to do something more with them, how you structure your 2018 email marketing is up to your own strategy, audience research, and market.

Automated Data Collection

EmailMeForms excel at getting you the data for your business and connecting these customer data with other tools to help you use them more efficiently in developing your business. With over 50 popular app integrations, our forms offer unprecedented automation possibilities.

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular apps to connect with our forms is MailChimp. Why?

Read on to find out how EmailMeForms work together with MailChimp to build your contact lists and evolve your marketing communications with customers. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and retain happy customers for as long as possible.

Cost to Acquire a Customer
“Business model succeeds when CAC (the cost to acquire customers) is significantly lower than LTV (the ability to monetize those customers over time).” David Skok. Source:

Why MailChimp?

MailChimp Review
PCMAG MailChimp Software Review and Rating

Because MailChimp is in the top 10 most loved email automation platforms in the world and there’s certainly a good reason for this score. Even more importantly for us — our users like it and they need their forms integrated with MailChimp for easier work and time savings.

Mailchimp offers a plethora of options for your email communications with prospects and customers. It allows you to fine tune your campaigns to target the right people, at the right time, connecting various marketing channels (email, social media, websites) and different audience selections — according to their habits, preferences, and previous activities on your website or your form.

Moreover, you can further streamline your marketing activities on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, by connecting these apps with your social monkey MailChimp.

Start by building your form

Generally, all forms work well with MailChimp as long as you make sure that your form has basic fields like Email Address and Name since you’ll be feeding the data that come through these fields directly into your MailChimp prospecting lists.

Depending on your marketing strategy, you might be needing different forms to build versatile audience groups in MailChimp. Some of the most popular forms for lead generation are listed below and you can use our free templates to quickly set up your own custom forms effortlessly:

Contact Form Newsletter Subscription Form College Application Form Suggestions Dropbox Form Testimonial Form (add email field to this form for MailChimp integration) Order Form Reservation Form Membership Form Event Invitation Form Mailing List Subscription Form

Check out all our free templates » here.

You can add more fields to these templates and adjust them using different form settings. Upload background images, buttons, your logo, update error messages and instructions, and create your personal themes and styles. Best of all — it’s easy to embed forms into your website and social networks.

Connect your form with MailChimp

In a few easy steps…

  1. Hover over the form you wish to connect and click on Options
  2. On the form settings dashboard choose Integrations
  3. From the list of available apps click on MailChimp icon and Integrate with MailChimp
    MailChimp App Integration with EmailMeForm
    Easy MailChimp integration with your EmailMeForm.
  4. Enter your settings and check the option Only Send if Choice is Checked
  5. Log in to MailChimp through the EmailMeForm pop-up window (see below), save your login info and close the window
    Log in to MailChimp to connect with EmailMeForm
    Log in to your MailChimp account via the popup above to finish the integration.
  6. Then SAVE these settings in your EmailMeForm Integrations tab

Pro advice: Check your MailChimp account for new leads after allowing some time for user data to update or submit data in your own form to confirm synchronization.

Automatically build your MailChimp prospect lists

Automation is important because you can’t afford to scatter your time and energy on different apps to cover all aspects of your business.

Here’s what our automation with MailChimp can do for you:

Focus your efforts on keeping your leads close and your offers hot, let automation do the rest!

Author Jovana Milankovic

Jovana Milankovic

Jovana is a content creator and marketing manager at EmailMeForm. Her job is to curate our software to the world and make it more human for our users.

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